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   Manage breakdowns and roadside service online

   Track breakdown, roadside service, and maintenance expenses

   Find reliable truck service and roadside repair vendors


Breakdown Trakker is an online, web-based software program to manage and track expenses for roadside service and roadside assistance. You can also track truck or other vehicle maintenance or repairs. Since you access Breakdown Trakker in your favorite web browser, authorized users can securely manage their breakdowns and other truck or trailer repairs from anywhere they have internet access.

Breakdown Trakker is designed to minimize the time you spend keeping track of your breakdown, roadside service and other maintenance records. Breakdown Trakker allows you to track many details about each of your trucks, trailers, and other equipment that are vital to fleet management. It also tracks the vendors you use on each breakdown, and allows you to keep notes on their quality of service. And while it is a very comprehensive software system, Breakdown Trakker is extremely simple to use.


  • Works for truck, semi-trailer, bus, and other vehicle fleets.
  • Easy to use web interface, with multiple user access. (NO multiple user fees)
  • SECURELY access your breakdowns and repairs from anywhere that has web access.
  • Actually saves you time when you are working a breakdown.
  • No worries about downloading the latest bugfix or update.
  • No worries about backing up your data. (Daily multiple backups to different locations)
  • Quickly look up any of the info for your breakdowns or repairs.
  • Quickly look up the breakdown and repair cost of ALL fleet equipment.
  • Print reports of the breakdown and repair cost of ANY or ALL fleet equipment.
  • Your truck, tractor, trailer, or other vehicle details are available from the main Breakdown screen.
  • All vendors entered by Breakdown Trakker users, are available to EVERY user.
  • Vendor ratings (rated by users) are also available to all.
  • When you update the Status of your beakdown, the notes you add are time-stamped.
  • Multiple levels of login premissions. Admin, Normal User, Status Only, Reports Only.


  • No large upfront costs ... (reasonable monthly fee).
  • No software or updates to download and install.
  • Don't need an expensive computer or server.
  • No extra charges for multiple users.
  • No charges for updates (we are continually improving the program).
  • Only takes seconds to know what the costs for breakdowns and repairs were last month or last year.


If you have a fleet, and are worried about entering a lot of data... don't worry. You can email us (from the email you entered when you signed up) with your User ID and a excel spreadsheet of all your fleet equipment and driver info. We can import that directly into your account

We can also import your vendors the same way

To see all the features of Breakdown Trakker, log into the Online Demo





New Breakdown screenshot

New Breakdown

Once you have entered all your equipment and drivers, you never have to type them in again. You select them from your database by typing the first few letters.


Select Breakdown screenshot

Select Breakdown

It is easy to find a breakdown, maintenace, or service when you want to update it's status. Just select it from the list of your current active breakdowns.


Update Breakdown screenshot

Update Breakdown

Updating a breakdown or maintenance status is easy.
Just type in the new information for that breakdown or maintenance and save it. This is time-stamped so you can see exactly when each update was made.


Breakdown Reports screenshot

Breakdown Reports

Seeing your total costs is simple.
Just select a date range. And select a piece of fleet equipment, or a driver, or a category.

All the rest, like adding a vendor, or driver, or fleet equipment, is quick and easy also.
Just simple forms to fill out.




About Breakdown Trakker

Manage your equipment breakdowns and roadside service online



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If you find any errors, or can suggest any improvements please email admin.



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